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LEGAL EAGLE?!? & Money

(more like not so legal duck...

politics & banksters, too)§












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Legal.... and maybe not so legal stuff (money & politics included)

We're no crooks - we're about Croc - the alligator.

Legal Eagle?? Yeah, you know ...those guys who always smart-quack... they are called advoducks or something like it...

WARNING: This page is not suit-able for everybody.

In case you didn't know: CROCTALES pictures are drawn by a (retired) attorney, so look for twisted words and double-meanings. Like they say, you can take the person out of the attorney but you can't take the attorney out of a person.... or something like it.

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The Ducklings Law Office: We're as good as your opponent in smoke screen & hot air

AdvoDuck - If there is no problem - we will find it.

Loophole-Drill at extra charge

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Whistleblower convention


... what did you expect, an Enron-Exec-Meeting??!?

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Meet (y)our LITI-GATOR

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and if all discussion doesn't work out

try percussion

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our attorney's favorite pastime:

law mowing (we're really into legal short cuts)

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with account dressing (low fat)

You know the old saying: Follow the money.... and you'll find


Trying to buy some time??!? Check out Duckling's Daylight Saving & Loan - the new bubble economy....

Guaranteed: fixed return (to regular time) November 2nd, 2014

Issued in the USA only once a year (starting on March 8th, 2015), limited time only (ends November 1st, 2015 giving you an extra long night for your Halloween-Party)

Beware: Other countries have daylight saving time, too but the dates and terms might be different!

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our on-a-line Piggy-banking is safe, you'll always know where your money is...

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The most common COOKIE-SCAMS

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Money talks???

For the record: We don't hear a thing!

The economy is bouncing back?!?

..... at least we are!

a different kind of bean counter

      . . .  or so . . .

for more "CROCTALES wisdom" on the economy check out our EconCOMICAL task force (or was it farce?) site

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Gratis Counter by GOWEB
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